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Joel Ochs

Joel Ochs Bio Picture

Mr. Joel Ochs is originally from Indiana and has an extensive background in commercial construction. He has worked previously as a project engineer for largest masonry & drywall contractor on the east coast in Washington, DC. Just before grad school, Mr. Ochs was a project manager for a commercial general contractor in Chicago. After a short stint in an architecture seminar at Harvard's GSD they suggested that he go Hollywood-bound and apply to SCI-Arc.

While at SCI-Arc, he encountered a studio taught by the ways of Mr. Wes Jones. Working with Mr. Jones was such a pleasure that he did not pass up an opportunity to work with him again and help save our souls & environment at the same time. Mr. Ochs is part of the: exterior "Puft" facade team, Construction & Logistics Team, Fundraising & Social Networking Team, Project Safety Director and really somewhat a jack-of-all-trades.

Mr. Ochs looks forward to getting his head out of the digital world and start building stuff again. He also looks forward to going back to some old stomping grounds in DC while competing against fellow Boilermakers at Purdue, his alma mater.

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